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Please see the information below to see how your virtual presentation will run during the conference.

For information on how to submit your video or e-poster, visit the Submissions page.


The concurrent sessions for Oral and 5×5 presentations consist of two parts.

First, the video that you have submitted will be played during the Concurrent Video Session in the order displayed in the programme.

Once the Concurrent Video Session has concluded, you will need to join the corresponding Interactive Discussion Group that follows. For example, if your video played in session 1A, you should join the Interactive Discussion Group for 1A.

The Interactive Discussion Group will be a chaired session where all participants will be able to have their video and microphone on and be able to ask questions live. The purpose of the Interactive Discussion Group is to foster lively, two-way discourse between attendees and presenters. The chairpeople will introduce the presenters and help to steer the conversation. If time runs out, we encourage you to connect with delegates in the Meeting Hub to continue the conversation.


The e-posters you have submitted will be available throughout the conference in the E-Poster Gallery.

During the dedicated e-poster session, delegates will browse the e-poster gallery. If they’re interested in a particular e-poster, they’ll select to join the presentation queue. You, as the presenter, will be able to control who from the queue can join your presentation and when. When you’re ready, you let in people from the queue and can begin presenting.

Presenting includes the ability to be heard via your microphone, seen via your camera and you can share your screen (if you have a PowerPoint for example). Delegates in your e-poster presentation will be able to chat with you via microphone and they can also type questions in a Q&A function.

Please see the video below for more information.

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3 May 2021:
Abstract Submissions Open
Registrations Open

5 July 2021:
Abstract Submission Deadline (Extended)

6 Sept 2021:
Authors Notified

1 Oct 2021:
Extended Early-Bird Deadline

22 Oct 2021:
Pre-recorded videos due
E-Posters due

27 Oct 2021:
Presenting Author Registration Deadline

29 Nov 2021:
Pre-Conference Workshops

1 December 2021
Virtual Conference Begins

3 December 2021
Virtual Conference Ends


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